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Do Phones & School Mix Well?

Everyone knows that the world we live in today is totally consumed by technology. Almost every student at AHS has nearly unlimited access to their phones outside of school. Starting this year, students will have even more access due to the allowance of phones during class changes. Educators and parents are worried that this new lenient rule will lead to more distracted students. Is this added access to our phones really a good idea?

Research states yes! Charise Rohm Nulsen, author of “Cell Phones at School: Should They Be Allowed?”, believes that students having access to their phones in school allows them to learn how to engage with cell phones appropriately. Allowing students to have a certain time to be on their phones and a designated time to not be on their phones allows students to learn early on that phones are usually not needed or sometimes allowed in a professional environment . Learning how and when to engage with phones is an important life skill that every student needs.

Allowing students to have their phones during class changes will most likely lead to less phones being taken up. In the past, many students would sneak onto their phones during class. Knowing that students can be on their phones in the hallways they most likely will not be on their phones during class time. AHS student Daelyn Latham stated, “I no longer have the urge to check my phone during class now that I have the option to get on it in between classes''. Teachers will inevitably take up less phones because many students will no longer be tempted to check their phones during class instruction.

Many parents and educators believe that the allowance of phones in the hallways will cause students to be more distracted. Having phones in the hallways should not interfere with class instruction because of another rule Amory has implemented. School policy requires students to turn off their phones and put them in a caddy during class time to prevent any notifications from disturbing the class. This also prevents students from having their phones and possibly being distracted by them. When it comes to distractions in the hallways, there have been no reports of students colliding into each other, falling, fighting, etc from being on their phones so far.

The students at AHS are thrilled for their new phone rights. The new rule will lead to less phones being taken up. It will also allow students to learn how to engage with their phones appropriately in a professional setting. School and Phones do mix well!

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