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Christmas Music Monotony

Updated: Mar 21

By: Paxton Wall

Deck the halls, it's Christmas time again! Well, not really. It's still (as of the time I'm writing this) November. Even still, Christmas music has already been playing since October. Don't get me wrong, Christmas music is great, but, given time, could it get old?

I think that Christmas music starts too early. All of the other holidays are celebrated in a small time around their chosen day. Why should Christmas get an early pass? It even overlaps with Thanksgiving most of the time. At some point, it might lose a little bit of its magic. I believe that if Christmas music was, at the very least, restricted to December, it might be a little more special. The wait and anticipation would make people more excited for December. Of course, everyone should be able to celebrate whenever they'd like. In the end, it doesn't really matter much when the music starts, because it's not all that makes Christmas special.

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