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Christmas Decorations, When should they go up?

When do you start decorating for Christmas? Some people would argue that you put up Christmas decor at the start of fall, and some would argue it goes up the day after Thanksgiving. Christmas is, traditionally, supposed to be started the day after Thanksgiving, but in my family, it's different. We will deck the halls with decorations at the start of October because we are so excited to begin a time of joy with our loved ones. Most people who come into our home may think that we are crazy and that it is too soon to be putting up Christmas decorations, but no matter what others say, bringing in the holiday cheer early makes us happy.

The first thing to go up is our Grinch wreath on our front door. Next is the Christmas tree decorated with all the ornaments and tinsels that you can think of. Then we put out the Grinch doormat, and the stockings go up. After that, we put up the little Santa village across the bay window so that way others can see. Finally, after a full day of decorating, we spend the next three months waiting for Christmas day to come. We spend days watching classic Christmas movies and making hot cocoa bombs.

On Christmas Day, we wake up and gather around the Christmas tree to pass out our gifts. We play Christmas music and eat cinnamon rolls while we open them. Christmas is my family's favorite time of the year, and we love being able to start celebrating early.

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