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Book Club Brings Underclassmen out of Their Shells

Updated: Nov 15, 2022

When most people think of a book club, they don't think of entertaining teenagers. You think of sweet old ladies in the public library reading old classics, but believe it or not in the Amory Highschool Book Club there is never a dull moment. The Book Club meets every Wednesday for an hour and alternates between groups, the consistency helps the members to gain a routine and comfortableness. The members are helping to bring the underclassmen out of their shells, and the fact that they are all so friendly makes it even easier.

The students working as leaders of the groups, which are split from 9th and 10th and 11th and 12th, come up with games and make forms where the members can vote on books. The games and discussions on books help all the students to be involved and feel comfortable. Through book club, I have made very good friends, and now consider people I had never spoken more than two words to, to be close friends.

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