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Students moving up into Amory High School should not be afraid of the size and the number of people who attend here. Come with a positive attitude and mindset, and just enjoy your last years of high school. High school should be a fun experience; you attend parties, games, activities, etc. High school is much different than your other schools. You have to become more mature, more focused, and be cautious of who you allow into your space. Coming to a new school means new friends and new relationships. Don’t be afraid to lose friends in the process. Friendships are incredibly important during these impressionable years. Teen friendships help young people feel a sense of acceptance and belonging. They support the development of compassion, caring, and empathy. An easy way to create friendships is to join clubs, volunteer, join a social circle, and attend local activities. The most important part of high school is to achieve good grades. Some may struggle with this because they need better studying methods. If you are one of those people, pay attention closely in class, ask questions, make complete notes, and try testing yourself. High school isn’t hard unless you make it hard. You have 4 more years, so work your hardest and be the best you can be.

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