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A Window As I Said

There are two windows in front of me.

One is closed, the other is open;

a thought comes to me . . .

̈Is this fair? ̈

One will always choose freedom rather than remain

as a prisoner gleans to this opportunity for freedom.

But it's not freedom; they'll always be haunted.

Only escaping penalties for actions committed

and so closing true freedom for them and others.

̈Or is this unfair? ̈

To accept remaining is to rob freedom from the conscience,

to cover the eyes of a child, blinding them to their dreams and

to open nothing but a dismal path, dreary, and wants of life.

No reason would ever explain, ̈What. We. Do. Truly. ̈

I ́m a voice that had an idea about this with no reason

to only leave a foundation for the question at hand.

Now there is one question left ̈which one is right . . . ̈

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