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A Small Town With Big City Dreams - The Coffee Pot

If you have not been to The Coffee Pot, you must stop by the next time you go through Amory. Right across the street from Bill's Hamburgers stands the quaint coffee shop that is The Coffee Pot I would rate the atmosphere a 9/10. Whether it is the mixture of plastered walls and exposed brick, the comfy couches to lounge at, the garage door-like windows that are rolled up in the fall so that you can enjoy the outdoors while you drink your coffee, or the polite and friendly staff, as soon as you walk in you are immediately thrown into the relaxing atmosphere and treated like family.

While the atmosphere and the service are important, the food and drinks are truly the staple of The Coffee Pot The main items on their menu are the 10'' flatbreads and salads. For this visit, I got the Chicken Bacon Ranch flatbread. This flatbread has a ranch base and is topped with a generous amount of mozzarella, grilled chicken, and bacon. The initial taste of the dish exceeds all expectations. From the melted mozzarella on top to the perfect blend of chicken and crispy bacon, this flatbread has easily become one of my favorite meals to get. The Coffee Pot also offers a variety of soups along with your classic coffee shop, among which are muffins, scones, and everyone's favorite breakfast treat, sausage balls. I would rate the food a 10/10.

With this great food, you would think that things couldn't get any better, but you couldn't be more wrong. With it being a coffee shop, they have a wide variety of drinks as well. From frappes to cappuccinos picking a drink was a hard choice. I ended up getting a vanilla frappe with whipped cream. The first thing I notice is that unlike most other frappes I get at other places, this one's ice was very finely ground up, making it almost unnoticeable. It had to be one of the best frappes I have ever had. The drink selection, however, does not end at coffee, they also offer a number of loaded teas and smoothies. When it comes to the drinks, I would rate The Coffee Pot a 9/10.

Now let's talk about the price. The flatbread is priced at $10.50, which for how good it is, you really can't beat that price. For a large frappe that, in my opinion, is better than a Starbucks frappe any day, $6.00 I feel is a reasonable price. With a 15% tip, it ended up costing around $20.50 the meal as a whole, which for a high school student working a part-time job, such as myself, is certainly a fair price. With it costing $20.50 for just myself to eat, I have to give The Coffee Pot an 8/10.

Overall the experience I had at The Coffee Pot is nothing short of amazing. From the atmosphere to the food and drink, it is something that you may not come across very often. It was so good that I ended up typing this review up as I was sitting down, eating my flatbread, and drinking my frappe. With a final score of 9/10, The Coffee Pot is an excellent place to sit down, relax, and enjoy good food and of course, coffee. If you have not visited The Coffee Pot, I truly do recommend them. They are located on Main Street in Amory MS, across the street from Bill's Hamburgers.

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