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Cotton Flowers
Cotton Flowers

2022-2023 Stroke of the Pen is now posted!

The 2022-2023 AHS literary magazine (Stroke of the Pen) is now posted! A literary magazine is a collection of this year's student writings, including short stories, articles, and poems. The students had their work submitted and reviewed by the staff before being hand-selected for this publication. If you would like to read this year's copy, go on over the heading "File Share" and download the pdf.

Concrete Wall

Poetry Corner

By: Joshua Schrock

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The Ideas of Weakness

One can not live a life without weakness to do so . . . is unbearable,
Yet, most believe one-must do so to be happy. This way of thinking
has become so common in the minds of people; the best description
of its commonness is like a penny on the road, in the dirt, and
anywhere life conjugates.

Weakness is not so simple, as to generalize with a person and
their level of expressing this “side” to others could be difficult at times,
if one does not show this part of themself, generally will becomes associated
with psychopaths, sociopaths, or others that are similar, mainly based on
the visible emotional output of the individual.

Internal emotions being express outwards, which has to do with this idea of “our-self” to a state of frailties in the day, yet the way it gives off can be misinterpreted at moments of its need, for example, a funeral where a woebegone mood
is a must be show that you are human at heart and the pleasing of facts,
which leave the partial of the gazing eyes, the thought at failure to do a
motion expression outwards will leads to a “questioning,”
of their humanity.

At the base root of it: weakness is humankind true connection to life,
to nature, and to each-other; this piece should never be distorted nor
should it be hidden from all, but oftenly to true someone is difficult
even family is not distributed from this list for one simple word betrayal,
been betraying is similar as being uprooted like a plant with all the information
of yours is now scattered, as dirt on the ground to be pick through
with no courtesy. Course this does not demonstrate all feeling,
but instead shows decimals in nature.

Blue Skies and Yellow Fields


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Daily Announcements

  • Anyone interested in joining the Amory Swim Team you can pick up a packet in the front office.

  • Balfour will be delivering rings and jackets Tuesday, August 15th. I have emailed all students that will have a package arriving that day. Please be here by the time stated in your email to pick up your items.

  • If you are interested in joining Photography Club, there will be a meeting in Mr. Watson's room after school on Wednesday, August 23rd.

  • The 2023-2024 AHS yearbook is currently on sale! If you order before October 31st, you will get 10% off. Please see Mr. Watson for a flyer to get your discount code before it's too late!

  • Student Council ballot sign up and elections will be held this week. Here is what each class will need to do:

    • Freshmen and Juniors - Today is the last day to sign up for an office. There is a Google Form posted to your "Class of" Google Classroom. The election will be held this Friday.

    • Sophomores and Seniors - The only thing you will be voting for on Friday is the runoff for Student Body President. There will be a Google Form posted to your "Class of" Google Classroom.

  • Homecoming Maid sign up sheets are available in your English class. The last day to sign up is Tuesday August 15th at 12.

Golf Course


Panthers on the Prowl

Panthers on the Prowl is a podcast hosted by Daelyn Latham and Gracelyn Johnson

For more episodes of Panthers on the Prowl either click on Podcast in the navigation bar or search "Panthers on the Prowl" on Spotify.

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